Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Ground Breaking!

Wow!  That was fast!  We had ground breaking today on Railroad Avenue!  We are so excited! 

Sunday, May 6, 2012


The initial idea for pet grooming in Oneonta came from my sister Carol.  That is one of the reasons that I know it was sent straight from the lips of God!  My sister Carol also gave me the book "The Prayer of Jabez". Anyone that knows Carol will tell you what an inspiration she is.  She is totally dependent on God for everything!  The book and the prayer along with the struggles that we have encountered have brought me to a dependence on God that I have never experienced before.  Not to say I didn't need him before... I did.  I just didn't realize how much I needed him, and that if I asked him he would not only help me, but be so willing and happy to do it. 

I want to preface this by saying that I am not perfect.  I sin, I fall short of what is expected of me, I fall down, and I make mistakes all the time.  I was raised in church, but I do not attend church at this time.  Not to say that is right or wrong.  I just feel lead to let everyone know the change that I have experienced over the past two years.  There was only one perfect person that ever walked this earth and he died so that we could all be forgiven of our sins if we would ask.  I don't know why God wants me to tell you about this, but during this experience I read a devotion one day that talked about people needing to hear about the journey and how hard it can be.  They don't just need to see the result because they need to know that when they are going through things there is a reason.  So as we make this journey to our new home on Railroad Avenue I know it is going to be hard to balance everything and make it work.  It is a job too big for me! That is why I will honestly be able to say that it will be the building that God built when it is done. Without him it would not be possible.

God really started dealing with me I will say around Christmas time in 2009.  Jon and I were struggling with business ideas.  Carol mentioned pet grooming to me, but I really didn't think it would be possible.  Jon and I both LOVE animals, but it would not be an easy task to undertake.  Anyone that has tried to cut a dogs hair has to know that it is stressful!  They don't just sit there perfectly still like humans! The idea wouldn't go away though, and it began to grow.  What if we could board dogs and sell other products you can't really find without driving out of town.  We researched and eventually visited a place that boarded, and we were in love with the idea.  We started talking with a groomer that was a full-time "Mommy".  She gave us a lot of insight and agreed to help us get started until Jon could get up to speed, or we could hire someone else.    As I look back over this journey I realize that God put the right people in my life at the right time.  I know now that it could only be from him.  So, that was the easy part!  Now we had an idea and "Bama" our chocolate lab could continue to go to work with Jon every day!

When I say God was dealing with me it was over more than just business ideas.  He wanted me to learn a very valuable lesson.  At that time in my life I think I was a little too much about me.  I appreciated what God had blessed me with, but not really.  I know that probably doesn't make sense. I had to be in control of everything.  I worried about EVERYTHING. I didn't appreciate my husband or my family enough.  I thought too much of my own ability.  God broke me down so that he could build me back the way he wanted me to be.

We started trying to find a location for our new business and this was not an easy task.  Pretty much everyone that we asked said no to us.  Even our current landlord.  However, it was God's plan for us to meet Mr. Brothers so he worked through his daughter to get us in that building!  One day out of he blue he called me back and said that he had changed his mind.  We met shortly after that.  He brought the lease with him. I felt a little pressured to sign it.  I say that because if he hadn't have brought it with him that day and had allowed me to think about it more....  I might have walked away.  I am not a risk taker and signing that lease meant this was going to happen.  It was scary.  Some how during this journey to find a location God had lead me to read Mark Chapter 4.  It talks about the mustard seed.  I was going to have faith.  God intended for me to have faith and he was going to test it over and over and over!  I had no idea how hard it was going to be and still is!   

Friday, May 4, 2012

I probably do not have the ability to explain the journey we have already been on with Klassy K-9 & Sassy Kat Resort & Spa, but I will attempt to do that over the next few months!  This business has taught me the meaning of depending on my Heavenly Father for everything!  I do mean everything!  He has not failed me yet, and I know that he will not!  I hope you will join us for not only a journey through how we started, but the journey on where we are headed!  Construction will be starting in a few short weeks, and we are very excited!  We have made so many new friends, and we appreciate you letting us take care of your pets!  I hope you will join us on this incredible journey to our New Home!